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AdWords Vs. SEO

When a business first launches its website online, it needs to be heavily promoted through various mediums. What immediately comes to mind are search engine optimization and contextual advertising. In order to increase the number of visitors, plus click-through and

Pay Per Click Campaigns

As the digital era progresses, many local businesses are focusing their marketing efforts on the web. Every business wants the sales and higher revenues that targeted traffic can provide for them. Anyone who is serious about competing online eventually turns

How Pay Per Click Works

Most large search engines offer a paid advertising service, also known as pay per click advertising. A large portion of their income comes from this advertising, and the search engines are constantly working on improving their PPC advertising. The advertisers,

Why Spend Money On A Sales Page?

If you’re building your first Sales Page, you’re probably overwhelmed by the selection of sales page templates, both free and paid. What do you have to look out for in a sales page template? And why should you pay for

Pay Per Click – When To Use Instead Of SEO

Website marketing is usually about search engine optimization, site owners rarely consider using Pay Per Click advertising, SEO being more practical. Organic searches will drive more visitors and produce greater conversions, and unlike PPC those first page rankings cost nothing.

Get Website Traffic Within The Next Hour – Interested In Your Products

Get Website Traffic Within The Next Hour What if I told you that your website could show up on the first page of results on a major search engine today? I’ll show you how. You’ll have to pay for it

Make The Most Of Google Adwords

Google AdWords has been around for a fairly long time now (2000), and I thought that I’d offer my thoughts and knowledge as to the best way to utilize Google AdWords. For those of you who haven’t heard of Google